Chongqing Shenzhou Cable Group Co., Ltd. New Product-Shenzhou Artery Intelligent Cable


In 2020, Shenzhou cable has made many new achievements in development. It is reported that the company increased investment in research and development, the United Nations domestic scientific research institutions successfully developed the "Shenzhou artery intelligent cable".

"Shenzhou Artery Intelligent Cable" accurately grasps the vital signs of underground cables and the load of the regional power grid, realizes load allocation, predicts and locates possible faults in the cable system, and improves the utilization rate and operation reliability of the regional power grid.

In real life, the ever-increasing transmission and distribution infrastructure leads to an intricate network. In the event of a fault, the transmission network is difficult to repair and maintain, and the "Shenzhou Artery Smart Cable" can detect partial discharges or faults and send notifications to the operator. This real-time insight and efficient detection helps reduce downtime duration, thereby reducing the overall operating cost of the system.

The maintenance of the power system and the maintenance of the cable system are all small links in the development process of the power industry. Although these links may seem small, they are of great significance for smooth power transmission and safe power distribution. It is foreseeable that in the future, various cutting-edge technologies and intelligent equipment will play a greater role in power infrastructure construction, power inspection, and power failure relief. Smart power construction will also produce huge social benefits and economic value.



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Three important indicators of wire and cable quality inspection

The selection of qualified wire and cable products is related to the safety of people's production and life. For ordinary consumers, in addition to mastering how to select qualified wire and cable products, it is also necessary to understand the routine monitoring knowledge of wire and cable. In the wire and cable quality inspection, there are mainly the following important indicators. Insulation resistance test: insulation resistance type reflects the important indicators of the insulation characteristics of wire and cable products, which is closely related to the electrical strength of the product, dielectric loss, and the gradual deterioration of insulation materials in the working state. For communication cables, low line-to-line insulation resistance will also increase loop failure.


Global energy consumption increased by 1% in 2016, coal consumption decreased by 1.7

According to the "World Energy Statistics Yearbook" released by BP, global coal consumption fell by 1.7 year-on-year in 2016, a decrease of 53 million tons of oil equivalent. Last year, coal's share of global energy consumption fell to 28.1 percent, the lowest share since 2004. The decline in coal consumption was most pronounced in the United States by 8.8 percent, China by 1.6 percent and the United Kingdom by 52.5 percent. In addition, coal production also fell by 6.2, about 0.231 billion tons of oil equivalent. The United States saw the largest decline in production, down 19 per cent, while China's production fell 7.9 per cent.


Jiang Zeyuan: wire and cable industry will appear obvious polarization

With the development of science and technology and the rapid development of economy, the cable industry is facing great challenges and opportunities in the traditional industry. Recently, Jiang Zeyuan, as an investor of Far East Group, said in an interview that there will be obvious polarization in the wire and cable industry, and the profits of the cable industry will decline sharply, resulting in a sense of survival crisis. Entrepreneurs like Jiang Zeyuan are paying attention to how to seek effective opportunities for sustainable development in the process of enterprise management, product marketing and product manufacturing when the crisis appears. It has become a problem worth thinking about in the whole industry. Jiang Zeyuan said that as the "nerve" and "blood vessel" of the national economy, China's electric wires


Wire and cable industry to improve the quality level to strengthen the standard self-discipline

In order to fully and conscientiously cooperate with the special supervision and inspection work of wire and cable production enterprises carried out by the government, guided by the national strategy of strengthening the country with quality, make every effort to improve the level of industrial quality supply and guarantee capabilities, strengthen standardization and self-discipline, assume social responsibilities, safeguard industry interests, and promote industry improvement Quality, efficiency, and healthy development, the Wire and Cable Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association hereby issues the following proposals to all members and all practitioners and practitioners in the industry: 1. strictly abide by national laws and regulations, conscientiously implement the provisions of national industrial policy, industrial access and industry management, consciously follow the social public and moral order, and establish "honesty and quality"


Optical cable industry meets market opportunities

The Emergency Center of the State Council issued the "Emergency Notice on the Preparation of Post-disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Plans", requiring all relevant localities to prepare post-disaster recovery and reconstruction plans. Among them, the focus of infrastructure restoration and reconstruction is power grids, highways, and railways. For the optical cable industry, this is another market opportunity. In accordance with the spirit of the executive meeting of the State Council on February 13, in order to effectively do a good job in post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, the Emergency Command Center recently issued the ''Emergency Notice on the Preparation of Post-disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Plan'', requiring all relevant localities to step up planning and deployment, and coordinate human and material resources., Financial resources, restore important infrastructure as soon as possible, and do everything possible